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Restore privacy in your smart home

Artificially intelligent device protection for your smart home security cameras and locks, baby monitors, voice-assistants, and much more.

Thousands of Devices and Brands Supported

Many home IoT devices are equipped with cameras, microphones, ambient light sensors, magnetometers, motion and proximity detectors, ultrasonic sensors, humidity and temperature sensors, or more.

Ocktet protects all of that sensitive data through supporting thousands of WiFi connected IoT devices from a vast array of different brands and manufacturers, including these major brands below.

Antivirus for your IoT Devices

Your IoT devices are vulnerable to sophisticated hacks that can spread from device to device in your home, invading your digital and physical privacy. And yet, traditional antivirus software isn't able to protect these devices.

Ocktet bridges this lapse in security. You can authorize Ocktet to immediately take a device offline when an anomaly is detected.


Here are some of our announced features, and we have many more pivotal features on the roadmap. Contact us if you'd like a sneak peek, or a particular use-case you'd like to request.

  • Home Threat Detection

    Get notified in real-time when any of your devices are compromised, with information about who compromised you, and how.

  • Guardian Mode

    When Guardian Mode is enabled, Ocktet will immediately take a device offline when an anomaly is detected in its network activity.

  • Zero Hardware

    Ocktet doesn't rely on any external hardware. Begin protecting your home today.

  • Botnet Detection

    Know when any of your IoT devices have been infected and are part of a botnet.

  • Artificially Intelligent

    Ocktet uses state-of-the-art privacy-preserving machine learning to bring extremely precise network anomaly detection to your home IoT devices.

  • Ad Inspecting

    Track when and how much data is sent to advertising servers by your IoT devices. Learn which ad servers are most active in your home.

  • Device Reports

    Get security ratings for the IoT devices you have in your home and know when poor security practices are being used, like unencrypted HTTP traffic and plaintext passwords.

  • Shadow Mode

    Schedule when your IoT devices are allowed to be online and active. Ocktet will automatically take your devices offline and brings them back up.

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